The U.S. health care system is broken and corrupt 
The U.S. healthcare system is cruel and dysfunctional. It’s also deeply corrupt. Below, we break down some of the reporting on America’s extraordinarily complicated healthcare system — and the private interests and craven politicians who are profiting off misery.

Medicare, the health insurance program providing single-payer care for senior citizens and people with disabilities, is being attacked from all sides. Despite its financial success and wide popularity, conservative politicians are increasingly emboldened to demand program cuts.

Profit-seeking private insurers are also taking advantage of an aptly named program: Medicare Advantage. Major insurance companies act as middlemen and find ways to cut services for patients so they can keep a growing portion of government payments for themselves. The Lever’s Matthew Cunningham-Cook reported last year that the largest-ever Medicare premium increase would pad the pockets of insurance executives who donated millions to the president’s election campaign.

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