Opponents of GMOs, including organic farmers, are routinely being called anti-science. But it isn’t organic farmers who prevent independent university researchers from accessing their seeds. Nor do organic farmers ignore scientific evidence of rising pesticide use and human harm. Organic farmers do work with universities to improve their ethods, however; and they want more money for organic research.

The scientific evidence shows that the widespread adoption of genetically engineered crops in the US has led to: 1) an increase in pesticides used in agriculture, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Pesticide Data Program; 2) development of herbicide resistance in over 20 weed species; 3) insecticide resistance in target pests, including corn rootworms; 4) increased residues of pesticides in foods, including Roundup, a probable human carcinogen; 5) loss of biological diversity, including Monarch butterflies, and 6) massive increases in seed costs for farmers (Huber, 2011).

So, asks Elizabeth Henderson, who are the real anti-scientists?