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DeSantis staff and members of Moms for Liberty kicked and dragged a 16-year-old girl in a wheelchair for displaying a pride flag.


Recently, at a Ron DeSantis presidential campaign rally in South Carolina, staff and attendees kicked, bruised, threw to the ground, and violently dragged three teenagers for the “crime” of holding up a rainbow flag to urge DeSantis to respect LGBTQ equality. Reportedly, some of the people who committed violence against the teens are members of Moms for Liberty.

Two of the Charlotte-area teens were 19 years old. The other was a 16-year-old girl in a wheelchair.

After observing the violence from the podium, DeSantis shouted at the kids, “We don’t want you indoctrinating our children! Leave our kids alone!”

According to recent reporting in Vice News, “Moms for Liberty chapters have forged close relationships with far-right extremist groups” like the Proud Boys, “the AK-47-worshiping Rod of Iron Ministries church in Pennsylvania,” Q-Anon conspiracists, and various extremist Christian Nationalist groups and other groups renowned for white supremacy, antisemitism, and above all, violence against LGBTQ people.

But they don’t stop there.

‘Moms for Liberty’ Kick, Drag, Bruise Three Kids with Rainbow Flag

Make America Florida

For starters, let’s look at SB254, which allows the state of Florida to seize custody of any child they deem “being at risk or being subjected to” gender-affirming medical care of any kind. Essentially, it’s state-sanctioned kidnapping of trans youth.

The infamous “Don’t Say Gay” bill banned any discussion of sexual orientation or gender in schools and condoned the removal or censorship of books that discuss the topics of LGBT or racism. On top of that, a rumored bill or addition would ban the use of preferred pronouns in schools.

Florida, or the Fourth Reich?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is vying for a presidential run in 2024 with the platform “Make America Florida.” Indeed, Ron has spoken about how Florida is “where woke comes to die” and has done so by using his power to silence, intimidate, and destroy his political opponents.

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